Learn English In Canada!


Fees on this page are in Canadian dollars ($CAD). Registration, homestay placement and airport pick-up fees are not refundable. All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Program availability is subject to enrolment
Please read the School Refund & Cancellation Policy before applying for an English program.

Registration Fee

 $150 (not refundable)

General English Programs










(30 hrs/week)








(22.5 hrs/week)








(15 hrs/week)








Focus Programs  (22.5 hrs/wk)

1. English for Business
2. English for Health Care Workers
3. Focus on Writing Program
4. Focus on Speaking Program
  4 weeks    $1,315
  8 weeks    $2,625
12 weeks    $3,885

Exam Preparation Programs

1. IELTS Exam Preparation
2. iBT TOEFL Exam Preparation
  4 weeks    $1,315
  8 weeks    $2,625
12 weeks    $3,885

English for Academic Purposes
University / College Transfer Program

UCTP (22.5 hrs/week)
12 weeks  $4,100
UCTP Prep (22.5 hrs/week)
 4 weeks   $1,280
 8 weeks   $2,520

Summer Teen Program
June 17 - Aug 18, 2013

Day Program
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
*Homestay accommodation also available

Accommodation Fees

Placement Fee
(not-refundable)   $200
(4 wks, 3 meals/day)   $850
Airport Pick-Up   $110
(4 wks, 2 meals/day)   $770
Airport Drop-off   $ 75
(4 wks, NO meals)    $560
*NOTE: Accommodation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please reserve and pay your first month of accommodation at least two (2) weeks before your start date.

Textbooks and Materials

For full-time General English Programs of four (4) weeks or longer, the first textbook is included in the course fees. For all other programs, the cost of English textbooks and materials is variable. An English placement test will be administered to every student on the first day of class. Any textbooks and supplies required will depend on the results of the placement testing. Students will have the opportunity to purchase textbooks from the school or the local bookstore. There may be additional fees for reference books.

Health Insurance

 $2 per day

Refund Policy

Rejection by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)
Students who are unable to obtain the necessary permits to enter Canada are entitled to a 100% refund of the tuition fees, less the $150 registration fee. Students must request the refund in writing and send a copy of the letter of rejection from Citizenship and Immigration Canada before the refund will be processed.

Cancellation Policy
The registration fee is non-refundable. In the event that a student must cancel their program, the school must receive written notification of the cancellation by completing a cancellation/refund form available from the school. Refunds are processed according to the terms below.

% Program Completed % Tuition Refunded
Cancellations less than 30 days before program start date 85% (minus registration fee)
0% - 15% of the program duration 50% (minus registration fee)
16% - 24% of the program duration 30% (minus registration fee)
Over 25% of the program duration 0%

*Please note that refund percentages are based on complete weeks.
Students that request a refund mid-week will have the calculations based on the following week.

Accommodation Refund
The Homestay Placement fee is non-refundable. Students must notify the school at least two weeks in advance in order to obtain a refund for unused homestay fees.

Conditions of Enrolment
Communiqued Services and English School of Canada (ESC) reserve the right to refuse any undesirable registration. Communiqued Services and ESC reserve the right to change start dates, programs, and course content at any time and without prior notice. Fees, dates and conditions listed on this website are subject to change without prior notice. Courses are available based on enrolment.
Communiqued Services and ESC, its directors and shareholders, accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage to the personal belongings or property of students or program participants or for any injury to or death of a student or program participant occurring on or off school property.
Students and program participants must comply with the rules of the school as per the Student Handbook provided upon registration. Failure to comply with the rules of the school may result in dismissal.
Neither Communiqued Services nor ESC is liable in cases where either Communiqued or ESC is unable to fulfill any services because of inclement weather, labour disputes, or other reasons which are beyond the control of Communiqued Services and ESC.